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Maritime Security

Panacea Security Group was one of the first firms to lawfully post private armed guards on commercial ships and yachts.

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Cruise Ships Security

Some of the world’s most popular tourist and sight-seeing locations need cruise ships to transit through high-risk waters, and tour operators to travel through high-risk and uncertain land areas.

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Oil And Gas Security

Since 2009, Panacea Protection Group has provided oil and gas security services. The hydrocarbon industry has long been a target of global terrorism, organized crime, piracy, and those seeking to damage the supply chain of the system

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Our Clients Domain

Environment & Energy

Keep your energy equipment safe and confident in your brand with Panacea security’s comprehensive onshore and offshore security services.

Transport & Logistics

We provide security network-based assistance solution that fully integrates with your logistics needs.

Travel and Tourism

We providea security network-based assistance solution that fully integrates with your logistics needs
If security, monitoring, and tracking are important to you, then Panacea Security Group is the company you want to work with for all your marine security logistics.

On-water security

Panacea security group provides extensive security network of on-water operations.  

We are industry leader in offshore facility security, tracking & video surveillance products.

Video Surveillance

Real-time Video Surveillance & Monitoring

With Panacea security XVR, you can stream real-time video surveillance footage from your energy facilities to any computer or mobile device. This system is compatible with up to eight HD cameras and includes a four-terabyte backup system that can store up to three months of footage.

The XVR unit is compact and works seamlessly with a broad range of cameras, making it the perfect video surveillance solution for any sized boat.


Geostationary Satellites Tracking Systems

Panacea Security Group is an excellent choice if you need a satellite tracking system that can deliver real-time position information and alarms. Our award-winning system employs Geostationary Satellites to continuously monitor the location of your boat, ensuring its safety at all times. Furthermore, our system is compatible with any smartphone, allowing you to keep track of your boat no matter where you are in the globe.


  • Real-time satellite tracking
  • Geo-fence alert system
  • Remote arm & disarm
  • Global coverage
  • Position history
  • Build & track Multiple fleets of vessels
  • Access from any computer or mobile device

Boat Security & Monitoring

Panacea Security Group’s Boat Security & Monitoring service gives you piece of mind knowing that your boat is secure and that all of its systems are being monitored in real time. All of your boat’s vital systems will be viewable and monitored on a single, simple dashboard, with real-time messages and alarms to keep you aware of any potential difficulties. You can be confident that your boat is in good hands with Panacea Security.

Marine & Offshore Cybersecurity

We offer independent assurance and threat-led maritime cybersecurity services to marine and offshore enterprises all around the world, leveraging our unique expertise derived from industry-based cyber research.

The marine and offshore industries are becoming more interconnected, reliant on advanced technology, and digitally savvy. Most marine and offshore companies are focusing their future strategies on “digital transformation,” but statistics show that the threat of unauthorized data access and maritime cyber-attacks is serious and growing – and system or data hacking can have a direct impact on a company’s ability to control its critical systems.

Marine and offshore cyber risks are just the new risk battleground in companies that have historically prioritized safety and security.


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